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No-Budget Filmmaking Podcast

NBF 023: Average Movie Budget – Unforeseen Expenses of a No-Budget Film

What is an average movie budget for a “no-budget” film?

A movie shot on an iPhone still had a budget of over $100,000?!?! Filmmakers thinking they are going to make a film super cheap, or free even, need to beware of underlying costs. Alex and Trevor dive into all the ways shooting a no-budget film could cost you. From the food to the art department, to the post-production expenses, “no-budget” doesn’t mean there will be no costs.

In this episode, we discuss the costs associated with:

  • Equipment
  • Location
  • Craft Services and Meals
  • Actors and Crew
  • Wardrobe and Props
  • Post-Production
  • Distribution
  • Plus, spending time and favors to finish your project

What’s Cool?

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  2. Teradek RT ACI
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  4. Diety Wireless Mic System
  5. Cinema Grade
  6. Arri Stellar

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