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No-Budget Filmmaking Podcast

NBF 039: Our EDCC – Every Day Cinema Carry

We’ve had episodes about some of the big gear that everyone likes to talk about… Cameras, Lights, and Grip… But in this episode, Alex and Trevor sweat the small stuff and dive into what they carry with them to set each day. There’s no telling if either of them were every Boy Scouts, but they sure do like to Be Prepared.


In this episode, we discuss:

    Bibs and Bobs



    Sony Venice Firmware (
    F&V EverTrue Vari-Color 3×1 LED Panel (×1-led-panel-review/)
    Panasonic EVA-1 Firmware (
    Freefly Alta (
    Artgrid (
    Switchpod (
    AA Battery Comparison (



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