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No-Budget Filmmaking Podcast

NBF 042: Kitted Out: Your Dream Equipment Kit

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There is no such thing as a perfect equipment kit that can shoot any project, but we sure can dream can’t we? Alex and Trevor walk you through what you should look for and strive for as you build out your equipment and move towards bigger projects, budgets, and profits.

In this episode, we discuss:

    Building Your “Perfect” Kit
    What is important to you
    Phase 1 & Phase 2
    How to scale, and should you?
    Working with a small footprint vs having anything you could ever need




    Greyscalegorilla Giveaway (
    Rokoko Smartsuit Pro (
    Redcat 250mm f4.9 lens (
    Aputure Fresnel 2x (
    Atomos Shinobi (
    Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro (


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